Tease2D Engine

*please note that Tease2D has been discontinued and it’s currently being replaced by our next engine, called… Next Engine. However, Tease’s source code remains available for educational purposes.

Tease2D is an in-house developed game engine, credited to Douglas Muratore, crafted to power our game Polygonauts.

Its main features are:

· Strong C++ object oriented core;

· Tight integration with ChaiScript for… scripting;

. 2D physics powered by Box2D;

· Multi-platform lower level interface with SFML.

The integration with a scripting language allows a great flexibility, making it easy* to reuse this engine in other projects just by keeping its core and changing the scripts and assets.

You can clone the engine’s repository and use it to study or further develop it according to your needs! However, note that, as for this moment, there’s no in-depth documentation nor foreseeable plans for creating such docs.

*In this case, “easy” doesn’t mean “for beginners”. Understanding Tease2D’s source-code requires a mid-level C++11 knowledge.

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